Why CloudVerse

A platform built to drive efficient cloud resource utilization and cost saving

Quick, large-scale and simple for cloud operation teams

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  • With CloudVerse

    Quick deployment and fast time-to-value for rapid ROI
  • With native-tools

    Relatively short time-to-value but with limited scalability in the future
  • Do-it-yourself

    Requires a longer-term commitment, but you build and manage your solution as you see fit

Benefits of using the CloudVerse platform

Our platform addresses the four common challenges enterprises face when running businesses across multiple cloud services
  • 360-degree view of the entire cloud

    Provide comprehensive visibility into your cloud environment, monitor and analyze cloud infrastructure, applications, workloads, have insights into data usage, access patterns, and compliance.
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  • Consistent policies across all environments

    Enforce consistent protocols and formats for all assets. Apply a uniform framework and universal rules for accessing, controlling and tracking user activities, threats, and cloud security risks.
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  • Stay on top and ahead of cloud costs

    Measure the costs and track usage incurred from each cloud services. Assess integration expenses and traffic costs. Identify unnecessary spending. Forecast future expenses and find cost reduction opportunities.
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  • Boost security across multiple clouds

    Customize view-only or edit access by project, environment and user. Define who-can-do-what across Security, IT, DevOps, Product, Engineering and Finance.
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Complete cost optimization and automation

Business acceleration with CloudVerse

Granular cost

Actionable saving

Continuous resource

Cloud operational

Reduced risks and
financial impact

and automation

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