VNG funds Cloudverse | The metacloud to enable FinOps, SecOps and CloudOps
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Multicloud FinOps

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Discovers +100 services types, utilization, cost allocation tags and recommendations across

Deliver efficient, comprehensive management for enterprise cloud operations



on Cloud Silos



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on Team Productivity
Streamline your cloud cost management for
continuous productivity
Cost Monitoring
Track and analyze costs incurred by each and every user, team, service, instance or resource type, and region across cloud environment or ecosystem with the help of AI-powered monitoring algorithms.
Cost visibility
Cost tracking
Cost Optimization
Provision, analyze, and optimize expenses associated with cloud services, resources, and infrastructure to ensure efficient budget allocation and maximize ROI.
Anomaly detection
Cost analysis
Saving recommendations
Budgeting and Forecasting
Build and ensure compliance, security, and accountability, helping businesses maintain control and visibility over their cloud infrastructure and operations.
Tag enforcement
Quota & Approvals

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