Total Cost Optimization

A platform built to drive efficient cloud monitoring and cost saving

Making cost-saving measures a key focus in managing and optimizing your cloud resources.

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Manage costs across all your cloud environments

  • Cloud platform price list & billing
  • Resource utilization dashboards
  • Cost-tracking dashboards & reports
  • Cost allocation & forecasts

Provide a comprehensive view of your cloud usage for optimization

  • Spending anomaly detection
  • Rightsizing recommendations — cloud resources
  • Reserved infrastructure — compute instance coverage and utilization
  • Budget definition and visualization
  • Budget scheduling and alerts

Provide a series of Actionable recommendations

  • Recommendations on potential cost saving, underutilized or idle resource deprovisioning, and workload placement
  • Amortize the reservation cost over time
  • Modify, exchange, and return reserved compute instances based on actual utilization

Connect to multiple providers

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