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Leveraging innovative technologies and approaches for
next-generation MSPs

Managed Service Providers turn to CloudVerse to replace legacy tooling, win more clients, improve margins, and improve customer satisfaction. CloudVerse enables global MSPs to supercharge their managed service offering and increase operational efficiency through automation and a platform that is extensible and scalable.

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Cloud Cost Optimization

Increase your customer visibility in cloud cost management

Incorporate the right strategies, processes, and tools across your customers’ cloud environments. Know how costs are aligned to each customer, which resources they are using and how/when, and how those cloud costs are allocated to the appropriate cost center.
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Help your customers make smarter purchasing decisions

Diversify their portfolio of cloud resources and payment options. Leverage automation to continually optimize commitment portfolios to achieve the best pricing for cloud services.

Uplevel cloud cost management from tactical to strategic

Manage cloud spend in the client’s context of business strategy, objectives, and economics. Adopt and involve FinOps best practices in their daily cloud operation.
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Guide your customers to their cloud transformation projects

Understand customer cloud cost optimization obstacles and pain points around resource management, Create greater confidence in cloud investments and lead your customers’ cloud journeys.
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