CloudVerse for FinOps

Manually scanning cloud bills can result in oversight of hidden costs. CloudVerse ingests spending patterns across providers to bring the lens into the most critical cloud finance metrics for FinOps to optimize spendings.

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Your Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE)

One less step to wrap up cost reports

CloudVerse takes and analyze dynamic cost data from major cloud providers so you don’t have to: cloud, containers and databases.

Segment finance in the cloud and what’s driving costs across dimensions with tagging: assets, account, products and regions.

Metrics for budgeting & forecasting in bold

Accurate consumption forecasts and cost planning starts with monitoring unit economic changes overtime, for every line of business.

Enable accountability and data-driven resource allocation to see where chargeback/showback lies. Rightsize and adjust resource allocation based on real-time usage.

A common language for Engineering and Finance

Implement governance policies and custom your resource hierarchy for public, private, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments.

Let IT and Finance stay one step ahead of cost spikes with Slack/Teams anomalies and overutilized resources alerts.
Real-time notifications on:

Granular data for on-demand audits

Audit spendings and idle resources: VM, PD, Image and IP Address.

Admin utilities and permission settings for User and Organization levels. Get notified on unauthorized access to invoices and audit logs.

Enable business and product divisions to keep cost in mind

What this means for:


Freedom to build, responsibility for cost

Align and implement FinOps governance policies: thresholds, alerts and permissions.
CloudVerse for ITOps


Every activity – logged

Filter activity logs and trace any unauthorized traffic to cost reports

Bills work fine with spreadsheets until there’s more than vendor to manage.

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