Cloud Resource Management

Effective governance of cloud resource spanning across multiple clouds

Scrutinize your cloud bills, control budget spending, plan resizing resources, fine-tune auto scaling parameters and track demands.

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Control cost during the acquisition of cloud resources

  • Enforce cloud data security and privacy requirements across network, data, and asset configurations
  • Apply consistent identity across cloud adoption efforts to minimize the risk of breach
  • Configure cloud resources to manage risks related to onboarding, drift, discoverability, and recovery
  • Drive centralization, standardization, and consistency in approaches to deployment and configuration

Automate configuration and monitor resources

  • Automate arrangement, coordination, and management of cloud resources through templates
  • Facilitate effectiveness through standardization during onboarding cloud resources
  • Deploy multiple computing, storage, and networking resources faster
  • Adjust to parameters that are more responsive to environmental conditions
  • Monitor health, and manage the full lifecycle of VM instances

Align to cloud-centric security controls and compliance

  • Implement and test identity access controls and policies
  • Create and check detailed operational procedures and security policies

Connect to multiple providers

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