Cloud Financial Management

A centralized cloud finance solution for getting to unit economics

Empowering teams to take actions while reducing waste, allocating and forecasting cloud spending accurately, and enabling automation.

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Budgeting and forecasting
of cloud spend at scale

  • Centralize cloud usage from different cloud providers and resources
  • Support FinOps when to buy, install and setup on-demand cloud resources
  • Provide clear vision of investment and reduce lead times in budgeting and forecasting

Manage and monitor
shared cost and daily usage

  • Allocate spends to the appropriate groups
  • Provide linear tagging system to keep track of complex product catalogs
  • Adapt to rapid product changes with capability drilled down into SKUs, accounts, regions, departments, teams, users, etc.
  • Monitor billing and usage data
  • Provision new infrastructures without hassle and waste

Identify waste
and take real-time actions

  • Identify cost reduction opportunities and potential saving across cloud resources
  • Detect anomalies and send prompt alerts via message or chat platform like Slack
  • Get engineering teams to take action on recommendations

Connect to multiple providers

Bring all your top-quality tools to one platform and easily integrate them with other applications
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